Emergency response

Natural disasters affect us all too frequently. Every year, somewhere in India, there is either flooding or drought, which disrupts people's lives and causes widespread chaos. The poor, disabled, and women-headed households are often hardest hit by these disasters. Their homes, often located in less desirable, flood-prone areas and made with temporary materials, are often damaged and even destroyed. Their means of earning a living are disrupted as a result of a natural disaster and, without income or any significant savings, it is very difficult for these families to start again. In the wake of a natural disaster, the poor struggle to purchase food or rebuild their homes. 

EFICOR's Response: 
EFICOR works to alleviate the suffering of the people affected by disasters by providing food, household articles and psychosocial care. Since 1967, EFICOR has been involved in helping people rebuild their lives in the aftermath of natural disasters. We have helped in restoring land for cultivation, helping people regain their means of livelihood, assisting with the reconstruction of houses etc. Beneficiaries are selected according to the need across sections of the community and care is taken to ensure vulnerable communities are included such as disabled, aged etc. EFICOR coordinates and networks with government and other disaster management organisations for effective relief operations.  EFICOR's relief and rehabilitation work is in line with international humanitarian standards.