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EFICOR has been working with ministry of health and family welfare as well as ministry of women and child development to improve the maternal and child health. EFICOR works on areas having high IMR and MMR and children with malnutrition. The key strategies of EFICOR are building the capacity of frontline health workers to deliver quality services with effectiveness, providing supportive supervision during village health and nutrition day, strengthening village health sanitation and nutrition committee and facilitating innovative behavior change communication activities to improve the knowledge as well as to bring positive behavioral changes among the mothers.

At present EFICOR is implementing six maternal and child health projects. Four in Madhya Pradesh (Damoh, Khandwa, Satna and Panna districts), one in Rajasthan (Jalore district) and one in Jharkhand (Pakur district).

Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition

EFICOR has been working with the Government to bring about better health, hygiene and nutrition among children and mothers through Child Survival Projects (CSP). At present, EFICOR implements four Mother and Child Health projects in remote parts of Jharkhand (Pakur district) and Madhya Pradesh (Damoh, Khandwa and Satna districts).


EFICOR has been involved in addressing the issue of HIV & AIDS in 7 project locations in 5 States (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Mizoram) which has been a continuation of the project in the previous phases of intervention.

EFICOR has been involved in the target locations over a period of time through a three-fold approach of prevention, care & support and advocacy. However, the main focus was on care and support as it was the need of the hour and need of the people infected and affected by HIV&AIDS. As a result of this, EFICOR provided nutrition packages as well as other support to the PLHA families to help them cope with their illness, resist stigma and discrimination and continue to lead a normal life. Since 2016, in order to provide financial and social security and to make them independent over a period of time, EFICOR with the help of the community has planned to move ahead with a livelihood approach by ensuring consistent and continuous engagement, accessibility to resources and market and usability of income to fulfil their family and community responsibilities.

Majority of the primary beneficiaries are women infected and affected by HIV&AIDS. These women find it difficult to manage their families in the absence of their husbands or proper source of income. The women work as housemaids, or wage labourers or take up commercial sex work or have small businesses which do not fetch them sufficient money to run their families. The programme aims at helping these women with sustainable livelihoods which will ensure overall well-being of their families.

The outcomes of the programme are designed in such a way that it contributes to the overall goal of the National AIDS Control Programme, Phase-IV. Through prevention, care and support; and advocacy initiative, the programme would contribute towards reducing the new infection and providing comprehensive care to PLHAs and their family members.


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