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EFICOR’s Cyclone Fani Update 4

Situation Report as on 27th May, 2019

The Fani cyclone hit survivors are limping back to normalcy with the emergency relief received from various Civil society organisations and the government. The most affected Puri district has witnessed not only the loss of houses but also the huge loss of agriculture including cash crops, livestock and properties which need an immediate attention from all ends to restore, reconstruct and rejuvenate the same. It has been observed that in our operational Krushnaprasad block there is a distress sale of paddy due to shutting down of open market. Since the monsoon is closer the sowing time of paddy and other vegetable seeds for Kharif crop would be essential as almost everyone are in need of it. It has been reported that in EFICOR’s operational block Krushnaprasad, payment of MNREGA wages is not possible due to lack of internet connectivity and it may take another couple of months to restore the electricity and network connection. The affected community has begun to protest in many places for speedy recovery of the basic infrastructure as their daily routine has come to a standstill and they are finding difficulty in coping with the situation. In Satapada Gram Panchayat in Krushnaprasad Block there are socially excluded fishermen who reported that their names are not enrolled in the compensation for the loss of their fishing equipments. They require support to get their entitlements. EFICOR is responding to provide emergency food & non-food items security in Krushnaprasad block covering 4250 most vulnerable families belonging to Satapada, Gopinathpur and Panaspada Gram Panchayats. Based on the need assessment and extreme vulnerability of the community the relief team has identified more than 30 villages where devastation is very severe. The 80% of the selected communities are socially excluded due to strong caste discrimination and untouchability and they are also deprived of accessing the relief assistance due to influential power dynamics and vested political motives. The team found it difficult to reach to the interior villages, as there are attempts to loot or grab the relief materials from the main road itself. After realizing the community dynamics and anticipated challenges, EFICOR relief team decided to delay the distribution a bit in order to reach out to these neglected communities. The team could mobilize the community whereby a group of men and women from the targeted communities came up to certain points and escorted the relief materials for safe transportation and assisted in smooth distribution that helped to reach the needy families.

Cyclone Fani Update 4.pdf


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