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From Hopelessness to Hope

Ekta Sabbharwal is from Agra (Uttar Pradesh). In the year 1996, she suffered from Polio leading to 60% impairment in her left leg. Being very creative and innovative she had lots of dreams to achieve; ample support from her parents boosted her confidence to overcome the challenges she faced ahead.

With lots of expectation this young girl came to Delhi to achieve her dreams, and she visited her aspired companies to get a suitable job. She attended many interviews but was rejected all the time owing to her physical impairment. The continuous struggle discouraged her as she realized that getting a good job in a big city is not a simple cup of tea for her. Gradually she lost her confidence in facing interviews and to prove herself.

Ekta heard about EFICOR EU LRC project and after getting acquainted with the services of the project, She registered herself in the project and shared her problem with the team.  After the registration and assessment the team counselled and called her for Ready to Succeed Training (R2S). On 1-8-2018 she attended R2S training at SLRC and was motivated by the training sessions. Subsequently the team informed her about a Job Fair being organized by Delhi Government at PUSA ITI. On 3-8-2018 she attended the Job fair and gave interviews for openings in various companies but could not succeed in getting a desired job. The team motivated her and facilitated an opportunity for her to attend an interview at IBM Company, Gurgaon for the post of Practitioner. Elated on getting another chance to fulfil her ambition, Ekta attended the interview in IBM on 10/9/2018 where she qualified all rounds of the interview and on the same day she got selected at IBM as Practitioner on a salary package of Rs.18000/- per month.

Ekta was very delighted after getting such wonderful opportunity and remarked that this job is the perfect combination of her aspiration. She is doing very well in her job, and her senior management is pleased with her performance. Hailing from a small town of UP, Ekta is very glad to be part of a big brand and feels privileged in working in a Multinational Company. She is thankful to the EU-LRC team for the career counselling and motivation she received from them during the difficult phase of her life. Seeing Ekta’s good performance and positive feedback from the employers, gives satisfaction to the team and encourages them to sensitize the employers to facilitate more opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Just like Ekta Sabbarwal, Md. Yasin, Vivek and other persons with disabilities were referred to IBM by EFICOR EU LRC team. Due to their brilliant performance IBM welcomes the PwDs and gives priority to EFICOR while receiving references for PwDs. Two months back IBM had vacancies at Bangalore, and they approached EFICOR, seeking references of PwDs for various posts. It’s a pleasure for the team to explore the accessible opportunities for PwDs.


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