EFICOR's Response to COVID - 19 Second wave Update-14

Dear Partners,

                The COVID-19 second wave response team of EFICOR was put in place in April of this year when the second wave hit many parts of India. Delhi - where our head office is located, was hit badly and many staff, family and friends were affected. As the second wave hit other parts of the country we were inundated with news of people falling ill and many succumbing to this virus. While battling with Covid, we were able to respond to the needs around the nation. We sent the first update of our response on 7 May with the news that we had assurance of grants for INR 33,781,000. We were involved in collecting data at the time and had just reached a few hundred people with awareness and masks.

                 3 months later, thanks to the support of many supporting partners from within India and across the world, various stakeholders including the government and community - our reach has increased many fold with a total amount of INR 15,00,52,645 assured so far. We have been able to not only provide relief and prevention packages but are facilitating communities to recover and to be prepared for the future. In some locations we have given one time support - cash, commodities, masks, hygiene items and awareness and in some areas we are involved in long term interventions.

                   As EFICOR, we feel privileged to be able to stand with the communities at such a difficult period of our history where a pandemic has caused such devastation. We will continue to work with as many communities as possible so that we can “Repair and Prepare” and invest meaningfully in the lives of the poor communities. The pandemic has resulted not only in sickness and death but in the poor becoming poorer. There are a huge number of the ‘new poor’ as well.
                  Thank you for standing with us to support communities. The work is not yet finished. I am sure you will be encouraged as we take stock of our work 3 months into this intervention and plan with hope for the future!

Ms Kuki Rokhum
Lead - Training and RM

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