EFICOR's Response to COVID - 19 Second wave Update-13

Dear Partners,
               EFICOR has been involved in working with those affected by disaster from when we first began 54 years ago. In these years of being involved in relief responses, we have served millions of people. Our work and reach has been made possible only because of the many stakeholders involved at all levels. One of the most important groups that we work with - who make all our activities possible are the Community Based Organisations (CBOs). They are our hands and feet, eyes and ears in the community. Especially for a crisis such as the Covid pandemic the CBOs have been a huge asset.

                In the areas where we are already implementing various projects, EFICOR has facilitated the formation of groups including Village Development Committees (VDC), Disaster Management Committees (DMC), Joint Venture Committees, Peace Building Committees, Health Committees, Youth groups, Farmers group and Self help groups (SHG). We have worked with each of these CBOs to strengthen them and where possible, register them so that they can be a more formal body. These CBOs are the foundation for the implementation of our regular projects. The sustainability of our project is also in the hands of these organisations. Even after we leave these communities, the CBOs will continue the work.

                 Apart from sustainability, CBOs are key first responders in any issue - whether it is a crisis, a disaster or any regular community issue. We have seen this even in this Covid pandemic. The CBOs have supported most vulnerable families in the village through support they have collected and have also helped us in ensuring that the right people receive support. SHGs have been specially instrumental in disseminating Covid Appropriate Behaviour in the communities and ensuring that people follow them and have supported us in getting community members vaccinated.

                   In a few weeks and months, the world will forget these communities and it is these CBOs who will ensure that the communities remain safe, are able to survive and flourish. I hope that you will be encouraged as you read the stories of these incredible groups. Our prayer is that the community will continue to flourish long after the ‘outside’ interventions are closed. Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

Ms Kuki Rokhum
Lead - Training and RM