EFICOR's Response to COVID - 19 Second wave

Dear Partners,
          EFICOR has now completed more than 2 months of the COVID-19 second wave response. India seemed to be totally unprepared for this new wave that hit quickly and hit us hard. As we have been writing, many of us suffered illness and personal loss. In May, Delhi recorded over 25,000 new cases a day and now new cases have dropped to under 100 a day. With lockdown being eased Delhi is slowly creeping back to ‘normal’. It is even difficult to imagine the anxiety and the stress we faced, especially in April and May. Our response was made possible only because of the overwhelming support that we received.

            Cash transfer has been completed in many locations and I hope you are encouraged as you read stories of the impact of these transfers. Cash transfer will continue in a few new locations as we continue to receive support. In many locations we have moved to the ‘recovery’ phase with communities engaged in Cash for Work programmes. We will also be starting livelihood interventions to support those who have lost their livelihood. Through these interventions we hope that we can ‘build back better’.

                Promoting Covid appropriate behaviour and facilitating vaccinations continue to be crucial elements of our work. With Covid cases continuing to increase in some parts of India and several reports of a third wave, we hope to equip ourselves and the community for any eventuality. According to Government data, 4.8% of the population has been fully vaccinated and just over 21% have received the first dose.

                 In this update we bring to you a snapshot of the various work that is being done across the country. This response has shown us how working together with partners and supporters from across the world to the local village level team can bring change and hope. Thank you for continuing to journey with us in bringing hope.

Ms Kuki Rokhum
Director - Training and RM

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