EFICOR Covid-19 Response Update 5

Relief for families affected by reverse migration in EFICOR projects location: 

Thousands of migrants, mostly daily wage labourers have returned from the cities to their respective villages after a long and gruelling journey. Apart from the solace of being united back with families, they are under immense pressure with no income and no prospect of jobs, which is expected to continue for some more weeks until the situation is back to normal. Majority of them have a hand-to-mouth existence and do not have savings to bank upon. In this context, EFICOR has been reaching out to such families in our operational areas through different means including cash for work programs and relief kit distribution.

Cash for work program: 

EFICOR with support from TEARFUND is providing employment opportunities to 450 migrants who have returned with their families through cash for work for 45 days in one of its project locations in Tendukheda Block of Damoh District in Madhya Pradesh. The objective of this intervention is to support the migrant families who are victims of lost livelihood and income and returned to their villages. Among those who returned, EFICOR in consultation with local CBOs selected vulnerable families from 15 target villages. At this point of time, there are no alternate employments in their location and the work provided by the project is the only income for all these families, which has been a tremendous help to the communities. 
This initiative has not only provided employment opportunities but also created community assets such as farm ponds, open well deepening, farmland treatment and stone bunding to protect the land from animals and soil erosions. 
The project is also involved in developing two demonstration farmlands to help the farmers to adapt new crops and cultivation techniques. The project ensures that social distancing is maintained and people wear masks during work keeping in mind the safety measures against COVID-19.