Appeal for support towards COVID-19

Please help support vulnerable families who have been affected by COVID-19. 
The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has accelerated into a deadly pandemic,currently affecting 195+ countries, with the economic impact of the crisis being felt worldwide. There have been more than 1100 confirmed cases in India and at least 28 deaths (as of 30th March 2020). To contain the virus and prevent its further spread, the Prime Minister announced a complete lockdown for 21 days, from 24th March till 14th April 2020. Schools and colleges have been closed, many industries have stopped their operations, private companies have been ordered to work from home, construction activities have stopped, and all transport services suspended.

The lockdown announced by the Indian government has had a direct effect on those working in the informal employment sector – including daily-wage workers, marginal farmers, street vendors,small and petty businesses, and migrants. We are now seeing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Many in the informal employment sector have experienced a significant reduction – or an abrupt halt – in their earnings since the lockdown began. 
Most do not have much in the way of savings, but rely on their daily cash earnings to survive. 
Most do not have access to pensions, sick leave, paid leave or any kind of insurance that could help during this crisis. 
A majority of poor and vulnerable families cannot afford measures that might protect them from being infected (hand sanitizers, masks, staying indoors, social distancing). 
The lockdown makes it extremely challenging for vulnerable people – including those living with HIV&AIDS, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), the aged – to avail compensations and medication during this time.
 • Thousands of migrant workersare now stranded without a job or a home,unable to return to their villages before transport services were suspended

The likelihood is, that as the lockdown continues, poor and vulnerable households will deplete what little resources they have and run into significant hardship. Our project team have estimated that,

“More than 60% of the households in our project locations will face food insecurity and starvation during this period.”

With your help, EFICOR can support 3000 poor and vulnerable families in Delhi and other project locations,where we currently have a presence.

In these locations we will provide support to households of: 
Daily-wage workers who have lost their jobs 
Agricultural workers who have been unable to find work 
Stranded migrant workers 

We will provide these families with: 
Dry food rations: Rice (10kg), Wheat flour (10kg), Pulses (2kg) Cooking oil (1ltr), Salt (1kg), Onion (2kgs) and Potatoes (2kgs) and 
Items that will help protect against and prevent the spread of coronavirus (masks, sanitizer, soap, etc.). Each kit is worth of Rs. 2000. 
Make an unconditional cash transfer into selected beneficiaries accounts (to buy daily needs)

Kindly consider generously supporting these families during this difficult time.

Following the lockdown, we will: 

Closely work with local health departments to promote awareness in communities on coronavirus, the need for good hygiene, as well as dietary measures, which can help improve the immune system. 
Develop &promote awareness tool kits (Coronavirus Management App) through social media– in local languages and with visual aids. 
Actively support eligible families to claim the compensation package from the government

Donations can be made by bank transfer or cheque: 

Account Name: EFICOR 
Account Type: Savings Account 
Bank: State Bank of India 
Branch: Sagar Tower, District Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058.
Account Number: 30647111974 
IFSC: SBIN0001706 

Please email to inform of your donation and to receive a receipt. 

All donations given to EFICOR will have Income Tax exemption under 80(G) of IT Act 1961. 

Contact Persons: Mr. Harshan KY, Manager, Emergency Response, Ph. 9650892146 Mr. Prem Livingstone, HR Manager, Ph. 9958647070

Executive Director 
M Ramesh Babu