Reusable Cloth Bags for Sale!

Sixty women from Alleppey district in Kerala have set up their own cloth-bag production centres, which are jointly supported by EFICOR and the Panchayats of Kavalam and Pulinkunnu. We have worked alongside these Panchayats since the flood in 2018 caused severe damage to homes and belongings. 
Recently, single-use plastic products were banned in Kerala and the local Panchayats of Kavalam & Pulinkunnu thought this created a great opportunity for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business endeavour. Each ward selected two women with sewing skills who were in need of income. EFICOR facilitated skill training pertaining to bag-making, assistance in conducting a market survey and creating a business plan, and provided sewing machines, cloth and other materials. The two Panchayats have provided the required space for the production centre and taken on the responsibility of expanding the business with their local funds and ensuring its long term sustainability. Recently, our Executive Director, Mr. M. Ramesh Babu, inaugurated the business and already these bags are being sold to villagers, shopping malls, institutions, shops, and international tourists. The women can make bags from cotton, jute, old cloth and paper. They can sell them plain or with a printed design. The bags range in price from 40 to 65 Rps. 
If you would like to purchase bags call Sandhya Ramesh (Kavalam Panchayat President) +91 82816 07516 or Bennychen (Pulinkunnu Panchayat President) +91 94971 41372.