Delhi Slum Dwellers Build Awareness on Air Pollution

For those in Delhis slums there is no escape from the toxic air. They do not have well-sealed homes, air purifiers in their homes & cars, or the disposable income to regularly purchase pollution masks. Our team in Asha Slum invited children and youth to participate in creating awareness in their colony about the impact of air pollution. They were able to reach approximately 500 people, encouraging them to limit morning exercise (when pollution is often at its highest), to wear a mask or cloth to cover their nose and mouth, and to refrain from burning waste, leaves and paper. We hope and pray that the government of Delhi and neighbouring states will take aggressive action to tackle all the sources of air pollution. While it is an issue that affects all of Delhi and neighbouring areas, the poor do not have the means to protect themselves from this toxic air or the savings to treat the permanent health effects that long term exposure can cause. #DelhiAirPollution #AirPollution #DelhiAirEmergency