EFICOR began as a unit of Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) in 1967, when there was a drought in the state of Bihar resulting in a severe famine. It was called as Evangelical Fellowship of India Committee on Emergency Relief (EFICER). The members of EFI responded to the need by raising money through an appeal in their official magazine – AIM.  Since then, the past forty-eight years have been a journey of transformation for EFICOR.
In 1971, India was flooded with refugees from neighbouring East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The international community wanted a local agency through which they could act; EFICOR was requested to be the channel and it was decided to form a full fledged Unit. So EFI Committee on Relief (EFICOR) was established.The next major involvement was another disaster situation – the Andhra Pradesh cyclone in 1977.
The creation of the Training Unit in 1979 was a major step towards developing an identity for EFICOR. In 1980, The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR) was registered as a separate Society having its own legal identity.
Through the years thereafter, EFICOR has moved from relief to development, from resourcing to capacity building and from motivating Evangelicals to networking with them.
The story of change is seen at the Community level and at Organizational level within EFICOR.

Our History

Time Lines

    • 1967 First relief intervention
    • 1973 Commencement of Safe drinking water programme
    • 1979 Training programmes started
    • 1980 EFICOR Registered as a Society
    • 1982 Commencement of Community Development Projects
    • 1986 Headquarters shifted to New Delhi
    • 1991 First 5 year Strategic Plan
    • 1992 EFICOR’s Silver Jubilee and Micro Credit Programmes introduced.
    • 1994 HIV/AIDS intervention
    • 1994 Drishtikone magazine launched
    • 1994 Watershed Management programmes initiated
    • 1996 Second 5 year Strategic plan formulated
    • 1999 Disaster Response during Orissa Super Cyclone
    • 2001 Third 5 year Strategic plan
    • 2001 Disaster Response during Gujarat Earthquake
    • 2002 EFICOR’s own office premises in Delhi inaugurated
    • 2003 Disaster Risk Reduction programmes
    • 2004 Silver Jubilee of the Training Unit
    • 2004 Disaster Response during Tsunami
    • 2006 9 year – Strategic Directions and three year Strategic Plan
    • 2007 EFICOR’s 40th Anniversary
    • 2007 Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition programmes
    • 2008 Commencement of MA in Mission and Development
    • 2009 Fifth 3 year Strategic Plan
    • 2011 Commencement of Centre for Policy Studies and Advocacy
    • 2011 Disability Programmes
    • 2011 Conflict Resolution and Peace Building Programmes
    • 2012 Climate Change Adaptation Programmes
    • 2014 Anti Human Trafficking initiatives
    • 2015 Sixth Strategic plan for 5 years (2015-2020)
    • 2017 EFICOR’s 50th Anniversary