Self Sufficient Against all Odds

Priya was 5 years old when she was diagnosed with HIV & AIDS. Her parents were shocked as neither her mother or her father were HIV positive.Priya is now 22 years old. For the last 16 years she has taken antiretroviral therapy to treat her HIV infection, finished school, and trained to be a tailor. Her parents are agricultural labourers and could not afford to help her kick-start her tailoring business, but after some time she managed to find a kind sponsor who agreed to provide her with a tailoring machine. She lives with her parents and she was pleased that through her work she could make a small contribution towards her family's expenses. However, every night she would return home from tailoring with severe pain in her leg from peddling the machine. Our partner CROSS came in contact with Priya and came to hear of the health issues she was experiencing. They helped her put together a plan to attach a motor to her machine. The CROSS team accepted her request for financial assistance, and provided funds for a tailoring motor and also the fabric material for stitching. Priya accompanied the team to purchase a motor and fabrics. After fixing the motor to her machine, her income has increased considerably and today she earns approximately Rs 300/- day. We are pleased to be able to help empower women who are HIV infected and affected to secure a sustainable livelihood. We wish Reenu all the best with her tailoring business!