Ganesh Malto Decides to Change the Way his Family Farms

Four year old, Base Paharin, is carrying a papaya that was grown at his family's farm. His family haven't always grown papaya though. 
Base's father, Ganesh Malto, is a small-scale farmer. Ganesh, and his father before him, have traditionally grown paddy, maize, sorghum and pigeon pea. Their farm is located in Badapokharia village, Jharkhand, where the farms are becoming increasingly less fertile, and most lack irrigation facilities. To add to the list of challenges, the average temperature in the region has increased, rain has become more sporadic and unpredictable; all symptoms of a warming climate. Many of the small farmers, like Ganesh, are experiencing crop failure. 

For these small-scale farmers, crop failure can push them and their families into extreme poverty. 

We provide agricultural training to small-scale farmers on the latest climate adaptive farming methods and we promote the planting of particular crops based on a geo-physical survey of the area. One such plant we suggest is papaya. We provided Base's father with 11 papaya plants. Within a year he was able to harvest 400 kgs of papaya; some of which the family ate, some they gave to relatives and the rest they sold, earning Rs. 3500. Next season they plan to plant even more papaya plants. Diversifying their crops and adopting different farming methods has helped build resilience to the negative impact of climate change.