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Awards, Accreditation & Networks

Awards Received

  1. 2011 – Second Runner-up in the CSO Partners “Outstanding Annual Report 2011”
  2. 2012 – Joint Winner of the CSO Partners “Outstanding Annual Report 2012”
  3. 2014 – Winner Project Management Institute (PMI) Award under NGO Category
  4. 2015 – Winner Project Management Institute (PMI) Award under NGO Category
  5. 2016 – Runner-Up Project Management Institute (PMI) Award under NGO Category

Accreditation Status

  1. Accredited by Credibility Alliance under desirable Norms http://credibilityalliance.org/ )
  2. Accredited by GuideStar India and was given Platinum Award valid till March 2018 http://www.guidestarindia.org/)
  3. Accredited by Evangelical Financial Accountability Council (EFAC) (http://www.efionline.org/network/evangelical-financial-accountability-council)
  4. UNFPA has undertaken a Micro Assessment in the year 2015 and rated EFICOR at low risk. This assessment is valid for 5 years.

Consultative Status in ECOSOC-UN ( www.un.org/press/en/2005/ngo556.doc.htm)

The consultative relationship with ECOSOC is governed by ECOSOC resolution 1996/31, which outlines the eligibility requirements for consultative status, rights and obligations of NGOs in consultative status, procedures for the withdrawal or suspension of consultative status, the role and functions of the ECOSOC Committee on NGOs, and the responsibilities of the United Nations Secretariat in supporting the consultative relationship. Consultative status is granted by ECOSOC upon recommendation of the Committee on NGOs, which is comprised of 19 Member States.

Our Memberships & Networks (Global)

Our Memberships & Networks (National)

  1. Management Committee Member, Sphere India (www.sphereindia.org.in)
  2. Core Group Member of NGOs of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Government of India (www.ndma.gov.in)
  3. Member of Voluntary Action Network of India (VANI) (www.vaniindia.org)
  4. Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security (www.nutritioncoalition.org.in)


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